The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is a comprehensive survey about student academic engagement, time allocation campus climate and many other topics. 

UCUES is administered online, and coordinated through UC Office of the President, at all undergraduate campuses in even numbered years. In recent years about 4,500 students have participated, for a response rate of about 25%. Data for 2014 and 2012 are presented here. A comprehensive description of the structure, content and administration of the survey can be found at the UC Office of the President's UCUES website .

For the 2012 and 2014 administration results are available for academic engagement, time allocation, academic and personal development, campus climate, student aspirations, overall satisfaction, and community engagement. Results are presented for the campus as a whole, broken down in more detail for each college and all-UC averages are presented for comparative purposes. Results for the four undergraduate colleges are broken down in additional tabs as are basic demographics of survey takers. (Note only the 2014 results include comparison between 2014 and 2012.) 

For 2016 results are available for all items for both UCR students and all UC students in the same file (the Excel and PDF reports have the same contents). Results are not broken down by college in these reports.



2016 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot (excel)

2016 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot (PDF)


2014 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot (excel)

A less detailed snapshot is also available as a PDF here:

 2014 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot 



2012 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot (excel) 

A less detailed snapshot is also available as a PDF here:

2012 UCR UCUES Campus Snapshot