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Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessment as a tool for student success

Assessment is a way to gather information about teaching and learning that goes beyond course averages and final grade distributions. Assessment provides a mechanism for faculty to improve their teaching and for departments to make evidence based decisions to support student learning. Assessment, ideally, is embedded in teaching and part of an ongoing process of improvement. The Office of Evaluation and Assessment has created an Assessment Handbook to help departments and individual instructors learn more about best practices in assessment.

Reporting on Assessment Activities 

Assessment is also a key expectation in UC Riverside's reaccreditation process. For the 2018-19 academic year, all undergraduate programs and departments are required to (a) evaluate at least one student learning outcome, (b) identify opportunities for improvement in undergraduate education based on those findings, and (c) submit a report detailing those findings and recommendations.

The template for annual reporting in AY18-19 is available here For AY 2018-19 the Office of Evaluation and Assessment is assessing the development of students’ quantitative reasoning skills at the campus level, pursuant to WASC re-accreditation. We are also asking departments to provide information and document their efforts in this area. A group of Senate faculty and staff from Undergraduate Education will review reports using this rubric  for AY18-19.  Feedback on departmental assessment efforts will be provided to the Chair of the respective department. A campus level summary of departmental assessment efforts will be provided to the Provost, Senate and campus leadership.

The diagram below, visually, shows the steps in the assessment reporting process and how results from one year's assessment work can be used to improve assessment work for the next year.

Assessment Cycle