UCR Assessment Infrastructure 

There are multiple layers to UCR’s assessment infrastructure. Each layer is involved with and/or supports assessment at UCR. Click through each of the following to learn more.

  • Campus Leadership

    Chancellor, Provost, Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education, Graduate Dean, College Deans, Academic Senate, Senate Chair 

    • Receives summary reports for all yearly and periodic reviews 
    • Addresses any issue escalated during yearly and periodic reviews 
    • Attends External Review Team exit interviews to monitor ongoing assessment 
    • Ensures that assessment is a consistent priority for the campus 
  • Assessment Advisory Committee

    Co-chaired by ALO & Associate Provost, & Director of Evaluation & Assessment 

    • Oversees total campus assessment process including both annual program learning outcomes assessments and periodic program reviews 
    • Reviews all assessment outcomes for patterns of concern or issues that require escalation 
    • Ensures assessment is aligned with strategic goals 
  • Academic Senate

    Committee on Educational Policy, Graduate Council 

    • Initiates periodic program review
    • Evaluates External Team Report and creates Findings and Recommendations (F&R) report to guide an action plan for program improvement 
    • Monitors response to F&R report and escalates issues an appropriate 
  • Office of Evaluation and Assessment

    Director of E&A, Communications & Special Projects Coordinator 

    • Conducts workshops and training to support campuswide assessment 
    • Initiates annual assessment through template distribution 
    • Maintains archive of assessment reports 
    • Provides feedback to all departments and academic leadership on yearly assessments 
    • Leads the Meta-Assessment committee 
  • Programs

    Chairs and Directors, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Advisors, Undergraduate and Graduate Program Committees 

    • Produce and maintain program learning outcomes 
    • Assess program learning outcomes and core competencies yearly 
    • Produce assessment reports that respond to previous year's feedback 
    • Conduct self-studies for program reviews 
    • Implement F&R Reports from program 
  • Partners

    It is important to note that what is not listed on this assessment infrastructure are the partnership that support and/ or are advocates for assessment across the campus, which include the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Library Teaching and Learning Services, and Information Technology Servies.