Encouraging Students to Participate 

Students report that they are more likely to give feedback to instructors when they understand how that feedback is used and why it is important to instructors. To encourage students to participate in iEval, you should take a few minutes to discuss how you feel about student feedback and, if you can, give an example of something you have changed about the way you teach based on student feedback. You might also remind students that you won't see results until grades have been submitted.

If you need help with this you could try incorporating the following power point slide into one of your lectures or using the text in the word document as a template for a reminder to your students by emailing your class through iLearn. You can modify these to make them more personal or make them better fit into your class.


Responding to Student Feedback

If you are interested in changing something about your teaching based on feedback from iEval, you might find these resources helpful. Below is the text of each of the questions iEval asks students and if you click on a question a drop down menu will open up with links to resources that may be useful. (Note there are no resources offered for items 1-5, which ask students to self report on things like their level of interest in enrolling in the course.) 

For technical questions about how iEval works you can consult the iEval's Frequently Asked Questions

Suggestions for resources are welcome. Please email if you have other ideas about resources that could be included here.

Other teaching resources are available through the Academy of Distinguished Teachers and out to UCR's XCITE Center for Teaching and Learning.