Assessment Processes 

The assessment processes at UCR are intended to support the reflective aspect of assessment. While all aspects of the assessment process are important. "Closing the Loop" and utilizing assessment findings is an intrinsic part of the reflection/recommendation step of assessment. In general, all UCR assessment processes follow these steps:

1. Identify Outcomes - Identifying clear, specific, and assessable student outcomes alined with goals and objectives of the program.

2. Provide Opportunities - Providing opportunities for students to learn and support/experience identified student outcomes.

3. Gather Evidence - Gathering evidence from student experiences to demonstrate the degree to which students have met the outcomes.

4. Analyze Evidence - Analyzing evidence to identify where students excel and struggle in achievement of identified student outcomes.

5. Share Results - Sharing results with other faculty and staff where appropriate to collaboratively identify next steps in addressing findings from the analysis of evidence.

6. Use What you Learn - Applying identified next steps and recommendations to positively impact achievement of student outcomes.

General Assessment Steps Diagram