Institutional-Level Assessment Overview 

Assessment at the Institutional-Level is a collaborative process that is about understanding UCR as a whole. Annually, the Office of Evaluation and Assessment collaboratively guides the following process with the Assessment Advisory Committee:

  • Collects data from across the campus.
  • Puts together a team that assesses the evidence collected
  • Analyzes the findings of the assessment
  • Produces a report to be shared with UCR Leadership

While much of the assessment process at the institutional-level mirrors that of program-level assessment, there are some slight differences. At the program-level the entire process exists at the program-level from data collection to reflection and next steps. At the institutional-level, data collection, assessment, and analysis happen with the institutional-level team that participates in that year, but the sharing and next steps are done collaboratively with leadership from across the campus.

At the institutional-level, we assess the following outcomes:

  • WASC Core Competencies
    • Critical Thinking
    • Information Literacy
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Written Communication
    • Oral Communication

For more information about the WASC Core Competencies, click on the following WASC Core Competency FAQs

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Institutional Level Assessment Steps