Program Level Assessment Overview 

As a best practice in, and professional expectation of institutions of higher education, assessment of student outcomes is becoming more and more important to UCR's decision-making process. Annually, all academic programs are expected to : 

  1. Evaluate at least one student outcome. 
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement based on evaluation findings. 
  3. Submit a report detailing those findings and recommendations. 

Programs are strongly encouraged to make this a collaborative effort that brings faculty together to assess, discuss, make recommendations, and reflect on the implications of annual assessment findings. 

The annual assessment of student outcomes at the program level aims to accomplish three things: 

  • Facilitate the annual reflection of programs on achievement of student outcomes for use in the decision-making and planning process. 
  • Support programs in the incorporation of assessment of student outcomes into future self-studies and program reviews. 
  • Gauge the institutional capacity of programs to conduct assessment, which will help direct future professional development by the Office of Evaluation and Assessment.