The Office of Evaluation and Assessment offers a workshop series on assessment every year that, if completed, guide participants on the entire assessment process. The workshop series covers the following topics: 


Creating student outcomes that guide experiences  

  • This workshop will focus on how to create effective student-centered outcomes that guide student learning and/or development in a program.

Mapping Student Experiences to Outcomes

  • This workshop will focus on mapping student outcomes to program experiences, such as courses, helping to create an aligned program that gets students to meet expectations.

Tapping into What You Already Do: Aligning Assessments to Outcomes 

  • This workshop is focused on helping programs use existing assessments (rather than creating assessments just for the annual program report) to determine how well students are meeting outcomes and expectations.

Alternative Assessments: Going Beyond Papers and Tests 

  • This workshop will focus on using "other" activities, such as art exhibits, public presentations, or teaching events for assessment that may be more relevant to the individual program.

Closing the Loop: Reflecting and Taking Action 

     This workshop will focus on putting together and using assessment data to make decisions that directly impact student achievement of outcomes.


In addition to the Established workshop series. The Office of Evaluation and Assessment can provide assessment-related workshops to individual programs on an ad hoc basis. Please contact us for more information.