Spring 2024 SET Pilot


In February 2018, UCR's Academic Senate convened an ad hoc committee to review our Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs). These evaluations are also commonly referred to as iEval, which is the name of the IT system which supports the evaluation process each quarter. The ad hoc committee's main priorities were to review policies, procedures, and mechanisms for how teaching is evaluated; establish new policies and procedures for accurate and reliable evaluation; and review iEval for its efficacy and recommend changes to maximize student participation and provide faculty with constructive feedback. 

The ad hoc committee issued its report in 2021, at which time the Provost charged a joint Senate-administrative committee to implement the ad hoc committee's recommendations. The joint committee's work focused on producing a more equitable and useful tool for evaluation of teaching effectiveness and pedagogical improvement, and facilitating the submission of multiple forms of teaching effectiveness via eFile. The joint committee completed the bulk of its work in October 2023, including a round of Senate consultation that informed modifications to the new SET instrument. 

The next step in this process will be a pilot of the new SET instrument along with a new Qualtrics-based IT system that will replace the old iEval technology. More information is provided in the FAQs below. 

Spring 2024 Pilot - FAQs