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Assessment Handbook


Assessment of student learning is the systematic collection and interpretation of evidence of student learning with the aim of improving student learning and increasing student success. Assessment is systematic in the sense that it is planned and sequential activity. One way to think about structuring assessment is to break it down into a six step process.

If you are not sure where to begin with assessment, you can ask yourself the key questions for each step (at the right of the table). Starting with step one, if the answer is “yes” move on to step two. When you reach a place where the answer is “no” (or you are not sure) then that is probably the best place to focus your efforts. By clicking on that step you can navigate directly to the material most relevant to you.


Assessment Cycle
  Organizing Questions
Identify Outcomes Do you have clear outcomes for what students will learn in your program or course?
Provide Learning Opportunities  Have you planned learning opportunities that are aligned with your outcomes?
Gather Evidence  Do you know what kind of evidence you will need to gather?
Analyze Evidence  Do you have a plan to analyze the kinds of information you will be gathering?
Share Results  Do you know how you are going to document and share what you find?
Use What You Have Learned  Do you know what you will do with what you have learned?